Our Team & Network

Clara Llamas

Clara Llamas Managing Partner & Co-founder

Clara is an international business developer. She has worked in online media organisations managing successful digital media transformation projects in Spain, Turkey, Russia, CIS and CEE.

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David Gambarte

David Gambarte Sales and Marketing Advisor & Fly Fisherman

David is an international Sales and Marketing expert. He works in Software and Sports business organisations managing their business expansion in Europe, LATAM & Africa.

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Aleksandre Asatiani, Senior Researcher

Aleksandre Asatiani Senior Consultant & Cloud Services Researcher

Aleksandre is a researcher, research coordinator and consultant in Information Systems Management. His focus is on cloud computing, technology adoption and IS business modelling.

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Andrés Moreno

Andrés Moreno Senior Consultant & Tech 4 Ed Researcher

Andrés Moreno is an educational technologies researcher with on the field experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has held the roles of researcher and software developer while creating a learning tool for programming.

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Merie Joseph Kannampuzha

Merie Joseph Kannampuzha Senior Consultant & Lab to Market Ninja

Merie is an international business & research professional with extensive experience in business modelling, the commercialisation of research innovations and project management.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Aitor Elorriaga Innovation Manager & EU Project Lead

Aitor has held executive and expert positions in IT strategy consultancy, critical systems quality assurance and medical devices software development.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Ville Kähkönen Design & Prototyping Specialist

Ville has extensive experience in web design, user interface design, usability reviews, user experience consultation and project management of web services.

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Silvia Lopez Test Design Master

Silvia is an international software quality assurance expert, consultant and test designer with extensive experience managing public ICT research projects.

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Pardeep Maheshwaree

Pardeep Maheshwaree Strategy Developer (Study Leave)

Pardeep is a strategy researcher. He has worked in the roles of project manager, consultant, analyst, researcher and software engineer for several companies internationally.

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