Our Team & Network

Clara Llamas

Clara Llamas Managing Partner

Clara has worked in online media organizations internationally, managing successful digital media transformation projects in Spain, Turkey, Russia, CIS and CEE.

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Pardeep Maheshwaree

Pardeep Maheshwaree Senior Consultant

Pardeep has previously worked in the roles of project manager, consultant, analyst, researcher and software engineer for several companies internationally.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Aitor Elorriaga Innovation Management

Aitor has held executive and expert positions in IT strategy consultancy, critical systems quality assurance and medical devices software development.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Ville Kähkönen Design & Prototyping

Ville has extensive experience in web design, user interface design, usability reviews, user experience consultation and project management of web services.

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Dmytro Lysiuk Internet Research & Web Analytics

Dmytro has extensive experience in internet project management, web analytics, digital marketing and the Ukrainian consumer internet.

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Silvia Lopez ICT Q&A

Silvia is an international software quality assurance expert, consultant and test designer with extensive experience managing public ICT research projects.

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