Our Team & Network

Clara Llamas

Clara Llamas Managing Partner & Founder

Clara is an international business developer. She has worked in online media organisations managing successful digital media transformation projects in Spain, Turkey, Russia, CIS and CEE.

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David Gambarte

David Gambarte Sales and Marketing Advisor

David is an international Sales and Marketing expert. He works in Software and Sports business organisations managing their business expansion in Europe, LATAM & Africa.

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Aleksandre Asatiani, Senior Researcher

Aleksandre Asatiani Senior Consultant & Cloud Services Researcher

Aleksandre is a researcher, research coordinator and consultant in Information Systems Management. His focus is on cloud computing, technology adoption and IS business modelling.

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Andrés Moreno

Andrés Moreno Senior Consultant & Tech 4 Ed Researcher

Andrés Moreno is an educational technologies researcher with on the field experience in Sub-Saharan Africa. He has held the roles of researcher and software developer while creating a learning tool for programming.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Aitor Elorriaga Innovation Manager & EU Project Lead

Aitor has held executive and expert positions in IT strategy consultancy, critical systems quality assurance and medical devices software development.

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Aitor Elorriaga

Ville Kähkönen Design & Prototyping Specialist

Ville has extensive experience in web design, user interface design, usability reviews, user experience consultation and project management of web services.

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Silvia Lopez Test Design & SQA Specialist

Silvia is an international software quality assurance expert, consultant and test designer with extensive experience managing public ICT research projects.

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Pardeep Maheshwaree

Pardeep Maheshwaree Senior Consultant & Strategy Researcher (Study Leave)

Pardeep is a strategy researcher. He has worked in the roles of project manager, consultant, analyst, researcher and software engineer for several companies internationally.

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