What can we do together, that we cannot do apart?


At Vaibmu we offer lean, creative and market focused strategy consultancy and advisory services. Our approach delivers very high value to media companies, SME players and start-ups in diverse markets. Happy customers hail from United Kingdom, South Africa, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia or Iran among others.

We work with media companies and SMEs on strategy and new business analysis, validation, development and implementation. We work with investors on acquisition reviews and recommendations (M&A). We also work with entrepreneurs and freelancers who need a candid discussion with an experienced third party, a strategy revision or a business plan designed, enriched or revised (e.g. for investors, for diversification or launch). Our projects range from one-off or a series of hourly consultations to mid and long-term strategy and transformation collaborations.

Our customers span the world and we work remotely as well as on location, depending on the specific nature of each mission. We enjoy working in close partnership with our clients, listening carefully to their needs and crafting highly personalised solutions to transformational challenges. No project is too small and we can kick off our collaboration with insightful micro-workshops, delivering high value immediately. Our 96% rate of repeat business testifies to the validity of our model.


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