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Strategy and business development combine craftsmanship, creativity, an open mind and accurate analysis. Vaibmu achieves results in strategy formulation and business design through user-driven exploration and research, leading into actionable insight and outcomes (as well as some much needed foresight).

In our strategy development work we draw from the designer’s manual to build successful strategies and will work closely with you and your team on specific strategy formulation challenges adjusted to your needs. We design and deliver engaging, practical and eye-opening workshops. We apply lean and agile principles and collaborative digital tools to engage stakeholders. We have designed and facilitated tens of workshops to touch on different business and strategic goals in an engaging and exploratory manner, always leading into new and actionable insights for our customers.

If you want to start small and confirm our value, we can have a free consultation to explore advisory options or we can deliver a micro-workshop with your team, to work on an internal business challenge of your choice to kick-start a strategy project. We can then build our working plan. We are lean and flexible.

In our strategic and advisory capacity, we offer 

  • User-driven strategic analysis (i.e. stakeholder interviews, competitor reviews, user interviews and research, existing product audits)
  • Collaborative strategy workshops to examine, validate or initiate strategic options
  • Lean canvassing workshops and business value proposition building
  • Greenfield analysis projects
  • Business advisory services for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME owners
  • Business and strategy reviews and second opinions 


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Case Studies

Strategy development co-design project for a global publisher

A major international print media publisher aiming for benchmark growth in digital media segment in its core markets requested support in their digital strategy design.

  • Internal data analysis
  • More than 25 management interviews
  • More than 15 international benchmark interviews
  • Competitive landscape analysis
  • Strategic options workshop
  • Acquisition strategy
  • Prioritisation of strategic projects
  • Project plan and schedule
  • Immediate organisational changes to support digital growth


  • First acquisitions executed three months after the project – kick start to growth
  • Fast organic traffic growth through improved focus on marketing    
Re-designed strategies for a B2C & B2B digital classifieds platform

Generalist online classified operator requested a proposal to accelerate its growth in the real estate and vehicle business segments.

  • Analysis of the current growth strategies, business model and value proposition within each segment
  • Competitive market analysis
  • More than 20 customer interviews
  • Proposal for a new segment based functionality roadmap
  • Proposal for a new segment based sales organisation


  • Introduction of new functionalities for the B2B customers brought immediate growth in terms of customer numbers and revenue. Specialised sales force has been able to multiply the sales for the selected segments.
Competitive landscape analysis for an international media company

A multinational media company planning to enter new markets (Turkey, Russia, Ukraine) with a successful online concept requested a pre-entry analysis to better understand market conditions and competitive outlook.

  • Acquiring in depth understanding of the customers business model
  • Competitive landscape analysis including online and offline competitors
  • Twenty-five on-site market player interviews
  • List of market specific dimensions that require adjustments to the existing business model
  • Opportunity and risk assessment


  • Based on the analysis, the company decided to enter one of the three countries immediately
  • Changes in the product offering based on the market’s specific restrictions implemented
Prospect scouting & market validation for a digital media company

A leading digital media company in Russia opened new B2B product lines. They needed to know what competing services the top prospects in their target customer segment currently use and how satisfied they were with them. They also needed a validated contact list to the decision makers of the top 50 players.

  • Field meetings with the 20 most relevant customers in Moscow and phone interviews of prospects in 10 different cities
  • Satisfaction feedback reports on competing sites
  • Collection of validated contact list for the top 50 customers


  • Based on the work, the customer restructured their product to match their customer needs
  • Updated pricing alongside with renewed sales material allowed the sales team to address the customer value proposition more efficiently
  • Company successfully sold their service to more than 75% of the prospects listed
Market assessment for a global media player into a new market for digital classifieds

Vaibmu was requested to make a market analysis for a global media company looking to deploy it’s existing successful classified advertising platforms in both C2C and B2B segments in a new geography.


  • Assembly of a reference class, identifying and documenting six similar decisions made in the recent past
  • Competitive benchmark of +12 native digital players and traditional players on the market
  • Analysis of value proposals
  • Analysis of capabilities
  • Market size
  • Share
  • Revenue
  • Operating costs estimates
  • Benchmark of innovative upstarts and alternative models (from quantitative research on-site)
  • Overview of regulatory environment (media, transaction platforms, digital payments)


  • Reference class analysis
  • Comprehensive competitive benchmark report
  • Conclusions on market structure
  • Recommendations and Action Plan


  • The analysis was used by the Board to make a market entrance decision worth in excess of 28M euros.
Digital migration strategy design for a Scandinavian publisher

A large corporation based in Northern Europe established a new digital business unit (B2B and B2C), and needed clarification on the strategy as it had a very slow pace of new launches in spite of good resources.

  • More than 45 management and market expert interviews
  • Assessment of all digital projects
  • B2B Strategy workshops
  • B2C Strategy workshops
  • Analysis of the product development pipeline
  • Detailed proposal of strategic themes and projects
  • Project plan with schedule and responsibilities


  • Reduction of development projects lead to a faster implementation of the most promising ideas. Clear responsibilities and increased accountability gave stronger focus to strategic projects.
Finnish online start-up seeking a fast validation of the Spanish market

A Finnish start-up company which offers a B2B platform for global business tendering wanted a short project to gauge interest of its core customer group in the Spanish market.


  • Assemble a list of 50 valid companies in the core target customer group (Madrid, Barcelona)
  • Conduct solution interviews with key decision makers to achieve first insight into their perception of the service
  • Follow-up with high interest companies
  • Arrange management interviews for the customer to make on-site sales visits


  • Report of companies inclusive of key data (sector, size, key contacts)
  • Report on solution interview outputs and consolidated conclusions
  • Plan for immediate action high interest companies
  • Plan for follow-up action on remaining target customers


  • As a result of this light and fast project the Finnish company secured it’s seven first Spanish customers and opened discussions with a further 17 from the initial target group.
UK tech provider to the media industry seeking selected international markets

A UK based tech provider with a strong domestic footprint but no international operations wanted to prioritise three strategic European markets for expansion. They were looking to launch an existing and profitable product and to test demand for a new product undergoing customer-testing in the UK.


  • Pre-evaluation of 17 markets on key aspects (size, competition, value proposal)
  • Prioritisation, based on previous, of three strategic markets
  • Competitive analysis of each market, including predictors of success (size of entry vs minimum efficient scale; relatedness of market entered; complementary assets; order of entry; stage of the industry life cycle; level of technological innovation)
  • Solution interviews with 12 target customers in each of the three markets (for core product)
  • Problem interviews with 15 target customers in each of the three markets (for new product)
  • Analysis of value propositions and capabilities per new market
  • Potential market sizing per new market
  • Competitive analysis per new market 
  • Estimations of market share and revenue per new market
  • Cost estimates per new market


  • Prioritised market entry plans
  • Action plan and order
  • Analysis of solution and problem interviews
  • Report with full data and strategic recommendations
  • Annex on test product and strategic recommendations


  • The client used the analysis and recommendations to successfully enter two markets; deferred entrance to a third one by one year. Test product was launched in domestic markets and a launch plan was revised one year later for international deployment. 
Validation of a digital investment decision in 24h

An international publicly listed company based in the Nordics was about to sign a deal to acquire a digital player in a Central Eastern European country outside their core markets. However, they wanted to have a last minute second opinion before the signing. The timeframe given was 24 hours

  • Contacts to trusted local market insiders to understand the risks and opportunities
  • Contacts to several customers of the target company


  • The quick risk assessment showed that the numbers obtained were not trustworthy
  • This lead to the cancellation of the acquisition

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