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Working on the future of retail

Project AtTRACT – An immersive Approach To RetAil CusTomership, kicked-off last week in Madrid, Spain. This is a Eureka Eurostars applied research project focused on building a tool that will enable European retailing SMEs to leverage the opportunities omni-channel commerce brings to the retail segment. The AtTRACT solution proposes a Software as a Service (SaaS) which will provide a uniform yet personalised purchasing journey to shoppers in small retail outlets by connecting information from disperse channels (eg. social media, history of web-shop navigation, in-shop information…) into a mobile app. The mobile app will create a bridge between the small retailer and its final customer, allowing 1) the convergence of information between real and digital worlds and 2) the transmission of non-intrusive, customised marketing messages. The consortium working on AtTRACT is lead and coordinated by Anova IT Consulting, and consists of four research partners and one retail partner from three EU countries: Global e-commerce solutions provider OSF Global Services, based in Romania; Spanish group Anova IT Consulting; Spanish leading big data analytics company Pragsis, and the specialised business design and strategy development consultancy Vaibmu, based in Finland. The retailer that will test the resulting product is Alambique, an iconic kitchenware shop and cooking school located in the heart of Madrid, Spain’s vibrant capital. Their presence in the project will allow the research partners to validate the product in a real-life omni-channel retail environment. AtTRACT has been selected among hundreds of innovation projects by the Eureka Eurostars programme, a European initiative focused on the development of highly innovative projects with close proximity to market. AtTRACT has the support of the local funding agencies TEKES (Finland), CDTI (Spain) and ANCS (Romania). The total budget approved for this project is...
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Selling a (very) small company: my short story

Last July, we signed the Share Purchase Agreement for 100% of the shares of a small food importer and e-retailer I founded 3 years ago in Helsinki, Finland. It was an exciting, happy-end-to-my-venture yet humbling experience. The process taught me a few lessons about negotiation, organisation and expectations management. So here’s the little story, as it might be of interest to other entrepreneurs undergoing a similar process. Background: the motivation to sell or terminate a business The process started from my desire to focus my energy on my research and consultancy business. While running the latter, I had launched and managed to grow, part-time and with the help of highly competent and committed people, a little gourmet food business. However, my cost-of-opportunity meter was telling me to focus, and while I enjoyed the gourmet food experience, my heart was calling me in another direction. Then, my husband was offered a job in London, and this gave the final tilt: I was determined to sell or close the business ahead of leaving Finland in the summer. Sometimes events outside our control will make the final push, sometimes you just have to ensure to follow through and re-align your focus where you want it to be. The steps once the ball gets rolling At first, I was not even thinking to advertise the business for sale (it was such a personal enterprise; placed in a small niche and -last but not least-, I have a tendency, like many, to undervalue the fruits of my own efforts). Besides, I did not even know where to put an ad for it in Finland! Then one evening, almost as a reflex movement in my local expat community, I...
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