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Selling a (very) small company: my short story

Last July, we signed the Share Purchase Agreement for 100% of the shares of a small food importer and e-retailer I founded 3 years ago in Helsinki, Finland. It was an exciting, happy-end-to-my-venture yet humbling experience. The process taught me a few lessons about negotiation, organisation and expectations management. So here’s the little story, as it might be of interest to other entrepreneurs undergoing a similar process. Background: the motivation to sell or terminate a business The process started from my desire to focus my energy on my research and consultancy business. While running the latter, I had launched and managed to grow, part-time and with the help of highly competent and committed people, a little gourmet food business. However, my cost-of-opportunity meter was telling me to focus, and while I enjoyed the gourmet food experience, my heart was calling me in another direction. Then, my husband was offered a job in London, and this gave the final tilt: I was determined to sell or close the business ahead of leaving Finland in the summer. Sometimes events outside our control will make the final push, sometimes you just have to ensure to follow through and re-align your focus where you want it to be. The steps once the ball gets rolling At first, I was not even thinking to advertise the business for sale (it was such a personal enterprise; placed in a small niche and -last but not least-, I have a tendency, like many, to undervalue the fruits of my own efforts). Besides, I did not even know where to put an ad for it in Finland! Then one evening, almost as a reflex movement in my local expat community, I...
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Street Food Behind the Scenes. Does Good, Tastes Good!

Recently we celebrated Streat Helsinki, a great festival on a mission, Streat Helsinki “develops diversity in food culture”. It sees street food and its makers as a part of the city food chain and as a part of a lively, inspiring city. In addition to events and yummy street food, it concentrates on street food development in Finland. It also has many interesting workshops and adjacent events. In one of those we had a chance to listen and talk to one of the world’s street food pioneers, Geetika Agrawal of San Franciso’s La Cocina. La Cocina is the non-profit behind the arch-famous San Francisco Street Food Festival. The mission of La Cocina is to cultivate low-income female food entrepreneurs as they formalise and grow their businesses. This is done by providing affordable commercial kitchen space, industry-specific technical assistance and access to market opportunities. La Cocina’s vision is that entrepreneurs gain financial security by doing what they love to do: “creating an innovative, vibrant and inclusive economic landscape”. The food industry has a high cost of entry: the fees for licensed and insured commercial kitchens, the start-up costs to open a restaurant, the standards set to compete for shelf space at specialty stores and large retailers… food entrepreneurs face an uphill battle for success (take it from me, been there!). And it’s an uber-crowded market. La Cocina provides a platform for these motivated people to hone their skills and successfully transition into the highly regulated and competitive food industry. For this, it follows the model of a business incubator, providing community resources and an array of industry-specific services (e.g. affordable commercial kitchen-space, technical and legal assistance, business expertise) to...
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